Work With Us - Join Our Craft Brew Family

Work With Us - Join Our Craft Brew Family

Hey Breweries, Join Our Community!

Our approach is simple. We offer you the chance to connect with a whole host of consumers and craft beer connoisseurs for free, with nothing more than the click of a button. Feature any of your beers (Pints, Flights, Crowlers, Growlers, & 4 or 6-packs To-Go) on your exclusive brewer profile, and leave the rest to us. Trying to move last season’s leftovers or just making a last-ditch effort at the end of the month to increase volume as much as possible? We’ve got it covered! 

Breweries can display as many products as they’d like, for as long as they’d like, at as many locations as they’d like. The price always remains the same for Breweries. Free! There’s nothing to lose except the additional revenue that comes with getting more people in the door. Interested? Contact us today to join the Just The TAP family!

Why should we work with you?

With a growing demand for Craft Breweries and more people noticing craft beer, this is a perfect way to promote to an exclusive network of subscribers who love Craft Beer. Working with us now will see more user interaction as the demand grows. Breweries target their city; we do as well with them statewide and nationwide.

Won't discounts devalue my brand or image?

We understand that everyone goes into business to make money, and discounts aren't necessarily a means to that end at face value. We're working on getting people in the door, knowing they will get a deal when they walk in. These times are a new ballgame that requires a new way to adapt and entice people to come out from hiding and spend money that may be tighter for them than it used to be. It's proven year after year that discounts do increase sales for a large number of brands. You can likely see great results from offering specific discounts and promotions.

Am I locked into a contract with you?

What's a contract?? There is NO contract. You can ask us anytime to add or remove you from the platform. Simple as that!

Are there any fees to be listed?

Nope. Zip. Zero. Nada. Brewery Currency is Not Accepted Here. We just ask that you honor what you're offering in the app.

Who controls the Brewery Profile?

You do! But we know sometimes you won't have the time to make changes. So send us an email, and we will edit your profile to your heart's content! Our goal is to make you as successful as possible.

Grow your drinkership (we love fancy words), reward your loyal customers, spread the word, and get your name out there to new ones!

As Depeche Mode says, Reach out and touch me

Send us a note, a beer or a 6-pack. We'll get back to you shortly


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