Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the packages last?

Plans expire based upon the timeframe of the plan itself, i.e. if you buy a 72-hour plan Thursday at 5 pm, it will terminate Sunday at 5 pm. Suitable for 3 days' worth of craft beers!


Is there a limit to how many uses my package is good for?

To continue attracting local customers to local craft breweries, we present you with excellent savings of 50% off your first cold one. You can redeem an item from each participating brewery every 24 hours. The ability to redeem expires when the plan expires.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Just The TAP for Craft Brewery's


We want to work with you, how do we get started?

Thank you for considering us. Reach us here


Are there any fees to be listed?

For Breweries, creating a profile on Just The TAP is entirely free. There are no monthly fees, and you never pay for listed offerings


How does the App work?

Right now, Just The TAP offers access to 50% off a single beer once a day at listed locations. To be clear, this is ONLY the suggested selection you put on the app. It does not go toward their entire tab. Thousands of breweries have Mug- Clubs where the discount is even steeper, but we recognize it’s to reward those loyal customers. We want to reward someone traveling to your city to entice them to come in or reward the occasional drinker who needs that extra push to your reward club. Lastly, breweries offer specials every day/week that differ from ours. We don’t expect 1,000 folks tomorrow to walk in and order that same special. Though it would be AMAZING, it’s not realistic. If it happens, email us so we can buy a lottery ticket in your state! Every taste bud is different from person to person. As stated above, the consumer browses through beer types and styles offered. Worst case, no one comes in for three months. Nothing is lost on your end.


Won't discounts devalue my brand or image? (Our Most Common Question)

We understand that everyone goes into business to make money, and discounts aren't necessarily a means to that end at face value. We never want to devalue anyone's product or brand. Instead, we're trying to get people in the door, knowing they will get a deal when they walk in. These times are a new ballgame that requires a new way to adapt and entice people to come out from hiding and spend money that may be tighter for them than it used to be. 

The only beers you want to be eligible for a discount are the ones you pick, and You could only have one if you wanted to. As incredible as it would be, we're not expecting everyone to download our app or purchase a plan through us. Of the people that do, it's doubtful that 100% of them may also be interested in the offering that is eligible for a discount. Just The TAP's geared to those looking for that style or taste. So, it's not that everyone who comes in the door will get a discount at your location. 

We know every once in a while, there's that serial taster that will want to taste everything literally. That, of course, digs into your inventory as well as your bottom line. Now let's say out of 16 oz. Beer, a customer, pays for 8oz. That other 8oz. is the discounted portion seen as the samples you've been handing out to others. 

As you know, it takes more than a great product to be a successful business. You also have to spend money to make money. It always helps if you have marketing, advertising, promotions. All of that costs money. We're a free promotion tool to help get the word out about you and your products.


Am I locked into a contract with you?

There's never any contract, so your commitment doesn't lock you into anything, and you can choose to accept or not accept discounts as it works for your P/L, product launches, promotions, or other events you have going on. You can even put restrictions that the beer(s) you offer on our platform weren't eligible for sampling. Instead, you could buy one at half off.


How much control do I have over my profile?

You have complete control over all aspects of your profile, including as many or few beers as you’d like to list, the length of time you’d like to list anyone offering, and your available hours. Our goal is to make you as successful as possible. Just reach out to us when you need to change something, and our team will help!


Sounds great! How do I get started?

You can submit a request to beermail@justthetap.co. The entire process should only take 10-15 minutes. Once you submit your info, our team will review it and activate your profile in 1-2 business days. Ensure your submission is complete before submitting -- missing pictures and descriptions are the most common causes for delay. Any other questions? Send an email to beermail@justthetap.co!





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